Fantastic Service

Stopped in here today and the service was FANTASTIC. I wear orthodics for my flat feet and I felt so bad for the lady who was helping me because I kept sending her back to get a different size of shoe, because I never know what size I’ll be wearing with the orthodics. She kept a smile on her face and even chatted with my Mom and I after we had checked out. Every other shoe store I had been to had very little to pick from and nothing to help those with ‘special feet’. Joseph’s carries a great line of shoes for both men and women. Definitely stopping here again, and again, and again!

Caryn Frazier

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The Great Shoe Store

We were on the plane and some of the ladies started talking about “the great shoe store that was in our next city we were performing in”. “Downtown Appleton has one of the finest shoe stores we have ever found when we travel across the country, we always go there when we come back.”

Performers at the PAC

Why go anywhere else

Amazing customer service today!!!
What a gem of a genuine shoe store we have downtown.
Thank you!!

Katie Rose

The Perfect Fit

“Always had a lot of feet and back issues, one day I made my way to Joseph’s Shoes to see if they could help. It was amazing to get in the right size shoe! It helped both of the issues I had, who would of thought a pair of good shoes could change your life, really!!”


Genuine Shoe Store

“I buy my shoes from Joseph’s Shoes because they have the best quality shoes in the valley, Ecco and Keen just to name a few. They also have sales people who know shoes and how to help people find what they really need. I’m in my 50’s, work construction and walk on concrete and ladders all day, I don’t buy shoes anywhere else now that I found Joseph’s Shoes. “


Faithful -Guest

“When no one else has them Joseph’s Shoes does, so why do we look anywhere else.

Bruce & Tracy

Quality + Service

I drive to Appleton from Marinette to get my hair cut in the mall. One day when I was waiting for my appointment I went in to Joseph’s Shoes, it was one of the best things I ever did. I asked the lady to get me a certain shoe in a size 10, she asked if she could measure my foot I said no, a size 10 is fine.

She came back with it and I couldn’t get it on. Then she said “can i measure now?” I said “yes”. I measured a size 12. No, wonder why my feet hurt all the time, I was wearing two sizes too small. Now when I go to get my hair cut I also look for shoes at Joseph’s.

Rob, Marinette, WI